NORAC Mission, Vision, Values

The Northumberland Aquatic Club is a non-profit organization providing professional swim instruction, training and coaching for children and adults of Northumberland County. The operations of the club are overseen by a volunteer Board of Directors elected annually by the membership.


 Our mission is to be recognized as a premier competitive swim club supporting swimmers of all ages and abilities within a professional and instructional environment.


 Our Vision is to:

  • Provide opportunities for all who are involved in the Club to improve their skills and qualifications
  • Provide coaches who are able to meet the needs of each swimmer while challenging them to reach their highest potential
  • Have family members actively contribute towards the success of the Club.


 NORAC will operate in a manner based on our values:

  • Be proactive and innovative
  • Communicate openly respecting Club policies
  • Promote good sportsmanship and social responsibility
  • Act with honestly and integrity
  • Promote a healthy and positive environment
  • Be fair, equitable, transparent and accountable
  • Respect the confidentiality of personal information
  • Respect swimmers, coaches and families
  • Support the decisions of the Board of Directors
  • Abide by the Club’s Codes of Conduct