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Performance & Pressure – Olympic Advice

Dear NORAC, Thank you for the great turnout on Saturday for Brittany MacLean’s visit and the swim-specific yoga!  2 quick asks for you: Head to Head provided this document on Performance and Pressure, as well as this video from Chantal Van Landeghem, an Olympic...

warm up times for Scarborough Meet

Friday 13 and over Norac 3:10-3:50 pm Saturday 13 and over Norac 6:30-7:10am Saturday 12 and under 12:30pm Saturday 13 and over Finals **only if qualified 5:30-6:15pm Sunday 13 and over Norac 7:10am-7:50am Sunday 12 and under 12:30pm Sunday 13 and over Finals,...

Swim Meet Officials

Happy Sunday afternoon NORAC families 🙂 With the Scarbrough swim meet coming up, I wanted to remind any registered officials that the club is looking for help. As everyone knows, swim meets require many volunteers in order to run smoothly. If you are able to...