Please see the attached assignments for the upcoming meet here: NORAC Time Trial Jan 26 2020 (1)

Please be at the pool for an 8:00 am warm up start. We should be completed by 11:00 am.

We are still in need of a couple of extra people if you have not responded yet or have a student at home that could use some volunteer points, please let me know.

This is a very easy meet to get your first experience helping on deck and we can provide some quick training for anyone looking to learn.

Please make sure you are wearing clean deck shoes and be prepared to get your feet a bit wet. These are long races and we ask that you provide your own water bottle to avoid leaving the pool area unless necessary.

We are not able to provide sign offs for deck evaluations for this event. Please see me and we will make sure you have the appropriate allocations for the next home meet.

Thank you to everyone who has offered to help!

See you Sunday