Swim School

The NORAC Swim School is a Learn to Swim 12 week sessional program for ages 4 & up. Learning is adapted to the needs of each child. The swimmer will develop general aquatic skills such as kicking and arm movement. The Introductory program is a 1/2 hour lesson aimed at children ages 4-6 who may have little or no swimming skills. The Beginner/Double Lane program is a one hour lesson for ages 6 & up (or have successfully completely the skills required in the Introductory program). Here swimmers learn proper stroke technique beginning with Frontcrawl and Backstroke and progressing to Breaststroke and Butterfly. The Advanced program is for swimmers who have the basic ability to perform all 4 strokes. Here we will work on perfecting each of the strokes and building endurance.

Now accepting registrations for our SPRING Session
 Contact the Registrar to sign up or for more information!

Swim School Schedule 2017-2018

Introductory6-6:30 pm
6:30-7 pm
5-5:30 pm
5:30-6 pm
Double Lane
5-6 pm6-7 pm5-6 pm
6-7 pm
Advanced5-6 pm
6-7 pm
5-6 pm
6-7 pm
5-6 pm
6-7 pm
NORAC SWIMMING FEES (12 week sessions)
Swim School
$210 (two 1-hour lessons/wk),      $130 (one 1-hour lesson/wk),     $70 (Intro. ½ hr lesson/wk)    +   Swim Ontario registration
(All Swim School members must be registered with Swim Ontario at an annual rate of $45. This will be added to the fees for the initial program session each season. Each Swim School member will receive a t-shirt with the first registered session.)

Session Schedule 2017 - 2018

FALL - Session 1WINTER - Session 2SPRING - Session 3
Mon. Sept 11- Fri. Dec. 1, 2017
(no classes Thanksgiving Monday Oct 9/17)
Mon, Dec 4/17-Fri. March 9/18
(no classes Christmas Break Dec 25/17 - Jan 5/18 or Family Day Monday Feb 17/18)
Mon. March 19 - Fri. June 8/18
(no classes Good Friday March 30/18 or Victoria Day Monday May 21/18)