Hi everyone,
Just a reminder, our annual Swim-a-thon is TODAY. Elites and Seniors are swimming 3-5, Youth+ and Juniors 4-6 and Youth and Novice 5-7. Please note 5-7 for Novice.
Each swimmer will require a counter to be out on deck with them. We will attempt 200 laps or 2 hours whichever comes first. This is a wonderful challenge and all swimmers are expected to participate. If you cannot make it tomorrow, please speak with me and we can do it another day.
Swim-a-thon has been around for many years and it is a wonderful fundraiser for our club. We have low fees compared to other Ontario Swim Clubs and other sports clubs in the area.  Swim-a-thon helps to keep those fees low.
If you have not signed up, I encourage to do so.  http://swimnorac.com/competitive-team/swim-a-thon/
We will have more gift card draws tomorrow during the swim-a-thon!