On behalf of the board and coaching staff we are excited to announce our Swim-A-Thon campaign for this year.

The Swim-A-Thon is a great way to fundraise using Swim Canada’s online program. Please reach out to family, friends, neighbours and colleagues to support swimming in Ontario and to sponsor your swimmer online.

The goal for the swimmers is to swim for either 2 hours or 200 lengths, whichever they reach first.

The goal for the club is to raise $10, 000

If each family raises just $200 then we will easily meet our goal. For those who would rather make a cash donation rather than go online, you may accept it and make the donation on line on their behalf.

This year Swimming Canada is unable to issue any receipts in any circumstance.  You may find out more information here:https://swimming.ca/en/resources/swimming-canada-overview/swim-a-thon-online/

If you have any questions about registering for the swim-a-thon please contact Mike Walters, our swim-a-thon co-ordinator, at cmbs.walters@gmail.com

SIGN UP is quick and easy.


Register your swimmer. For families with multiple swimmers it is suggested that you register as a family instead of individually. Click on:www.ontarioswimathon.ca/norac


Send out an email, post the link on Facebook, tweet on Twitter, Snap Chat and start collecting. Donations can be received now and after the day of the swim-a-thon.


Join us: THURSDAY MARCH 22, 2018 at Jack Burger Complex and SWIM 🙂

  • Elite, Sr Dev – start time 3:00 (4 lanes)
  • Jr Dev, Youth Plus – start time 4:00 (6 lanes)
  • Novice, Youth – start time 5:00 (4 lanes)


Each swimmer swims 200 lengths = 5KM (or as much as they can) starting at their designated start time and will have 2 hours. This is a fun event and is designed to challenge your swimmer. 

Your swimmer will need someone to count their laps on Swim-a-thon day.  The counter will sit on the pool deck to count and offer encouragement.  Counting sheet and clipboard will be provided.

See our Swim-a-thon Page for more information.