Fundraising & Bingo


We currently offer 4 different programs for NORAC Fundraising:

To sign up for a bingo, email the bingo director Matthew Forbes at stating the date and position you are available. Keep checking back to confirm your assignment to the bingo. All families must save 1 bingo for the summer of 2019.

For families who are new to bingo, please inform the Banker in charge who will review the bingo procedures and provide instructions.

For a map to the Bingo hall in Cobourg click here.


BINGO Signup May – August 2019   *NEW


NORAC offers a monthly cheese fundraising order. This is a family fundraiser and credits will be applied to your family fundraising requirements. Orders and inquiries should be directed to Carla Ring Herron. Orders are due by the date indicated in the chart below, payment is required at the time of pickup.

Cheese Order Schedule - 2018-2019

 Order Due on or BeforeOrder Arrives at JBSC
Sept/OctSept 17
Oct 14
Sept 20
Oct 18
NovemberNov 11Nov 15
DecemberDec 09Dec 13
JanuaryJan 13Jan 17
FebruaryFeb 10Feb 14
MarchMar 10Mar 14
AprilApr 7Apr 11
MayMay 5May 9
JuneJune 2June 6




This year, to make our fundraising efforts for NORAC a lot easier, we’ll be using a service called FlipGive. With FlipGive we can ask for donations, shop online with popular brands like Walmart, Apple, Under Armour or buy gift cards to restaurants and our team will earn cash!

Join our team now using our invite code 6UC2J5 in one of 2 ways:

1. Download the FlipGive app at


2. Join online at link to the right ⇒

Remember to use FlipGive before you shop online so we’ll earn cash back. If you make a purchase in the next 7 days we’ll receive a $5 bonus!

Mike Walters


Once again this year we are offering Fundscrip as one of the fundraising opportunities to Norac families. Fundscrip is an on-line gift card (groceries, gas, clothing stores, etc.) ordering system that allows you to fundraise for both your family and for NORAC.  If you are new to the club or new to the program, please scroll down to find everything you need to know about how Fundscrip works and can benefit your family.

Overall, when gift cards are purchased through FundScrip you will receive a percentage back that will go toward your fundraising fees. (i.e. If you spend $1000/month on groceries at Your Independent Grocer, Metro, Foodland or No Frills, in a year you will raise $270 towards your fundraising fees).

Scroll down to find out all the details of using Fundscrip.

Here are some of the retailers participating in Fundscrip. To see a complete list, visit:



The following provides additional information about our Fundscrip program. The initial set up takes a bit of time but once that’s done, the ordering is very simple.

A: Signup Info – How to get Started

1) Create an account at with the Invitation code: ZLCGBG and password: 123456.
2) Download and fax or email the EFT (electronic funds transfer) form to complete the application.
3) Place your order once your EFT is activated (usually 1-2 days after sending the info)

B: Method of Payment

Please note: I do not recommend using credit cards (they take a 2% cut). It’s also important to know that debit/interac takes longer to process and get your cards. With EFT (electronic funds transfer – see part A) your bank account is debited only on the order date shown and the cards arrive approx. 4 days later. It’s the best way to order.

C: Ordering Logistics

1) There is a .96 delivery charge added to your order. Gift cards are delivered by mail to the address you provide.

2) Each order can be up to $500 (but you can place as many orders as you want).

3) There is a 4 card limit per order.

4) Orders will be processed on the next order day Monday-Thursday. Orders place Thursday to Sunday will be processed on Monday.

5) Typically the orders take 3-4 days to arrive. (I order on Sunday, my cards are processed on Monday and they arrive usually Friday).This can vary slightly depending on Canada Post in your area.

6) EFT is the best way to pay for your order.

D: Fundraising credits

Gift card purchases result in a percentage of a refund. The percentages are shown where the cards are listed on the website. Of the total refund amount, 75% goes to your family’s fundraising and 25% goes to NORAC. (or you could choose to have the entire amount go to NORAC). Every month, I send the totals to the NORAC administration to be applied to your family account so all you have to do is purchase the gift cards.

For example:

Presidents choice (3%) x $1000 = $30

$30 x 75% = $22.50 (your fundraising credit)

$30x 25% = $7.50 (NORAC fundraising)

E: Questions?

If you are dedicated to the program you can do really well. Your relatives can also sign up so you can earn even more. Please let me know if you have any questions regarding the program.

Helen Patterson at