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More on MAC Winter Inv. 2018 Jan 11-14:


The meet fee payment due date is extended to Tuesday December 26 2017!

Here is the Qualifiers list for this meet:


Please submit your Family Participation Tracking form

Hello everyone,

It is that time of year when we ask all NORAC families to submit their Family Participation Tracking form completed with the points earned to date. For anyone who has earned at least half or is well on their way to half of the needed points your cheque (dated January 15, 2018) will NOT be cashed. DEADLINE TO SUBMIT FORM IS FRIDAY, JANUARY 5th, 2018.

I know a number of us Board members have signed many forms for many points so please make sure you send the form in and get credit for all the great work you have done for the club.

You can submit the form:

  • in paper by putting it in my folder (Mary-Ellen McKenna) in the NORAC box on the administration desk at Jack Burger, OR
  • by taking a photo of it and sending it to me electronically.

For those of you who are submitting the form by hard copy, you can print a new one for the second half of the season from the website, which you can find at: CLUB DOCUMENTS

This is a very busy time of year for everyone, please take a moment as soon as possible to send along your form. If we don’t receive it we will assume you have earned 0 points and we will cash your January 15, 2018 cheque.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

All the best to you and all those you hold dear for this holiday season and the new year,

MAC Winter Invt’l Jan 11 – 14, 2018

Hello Parents,

The Markham Winter Invitational is a competitive event and a close review of the pre-requisite information in the swim meet package is suggested. Here is the package: MAC_Winter_Invitational_2018

The swim meet is open to Youth group and up. All swimmers had an opportunity to make the qualifying standards at the RJI and GGP competitions.

Full racing program for NORAC is Friday, Saturday and Sunday with $40.00 dollars per day and additional $16.00 dollars if participating in distance events. Single day participation is allowed. The MAC Winter Invitational on January 11-14 2018 confirmation and payment due date is Friday December 22nd 2017. Entry changes and confirmations will not be accepted after this time.


Please confirm if you can attend to the Head Coach.

Best Regards, Emil

Dec 7 – Dec 10 Practice Schedule

Hello Parents,

Here is the schedule for this week:


Thursday 4-7PM REGULAR programming, Elite practice 3-5 pm CANCELLED

Friday SR.Dev and Elites practice is moved to 5-7pm. We have space on Friday evenings and the swimming classes from 5-7pm remain at REGULAR SCHEDULE


NORAC athlete qualifiers for the Gatineau GRAND PRIX will be away in Gatineau Quebec this weekend! Good luck to everyone racing and NORAC will resume with regular training on Monday December 11th 2017


Emil Tzvetanov,


Secret Santa Gift Exchange Jan. 5, 2018

Competitive swimmers are invited to participate in our optional Secret Santa Gift Exchange on Friday, January 5th.

Historically, most of our swimmers have participated in this team-building activity.

For those who may not be familiar with a Secret Santa exchange… each swimmer picks a name, and anonymously gives/receives a gift from one of their teammates.

We suggest that all gifts be between $10 and $15.

This is an annual event for our kids, and it is always a lot of fun!

The gifts will be exchanged on Friday, January 5th, after practice. If anyone is not able to attend that practice, we would ask them to bring their gifts ahead of time, to either Emil or Trish. One of the coaches will ensure that each and every participating swimmer receives their gift, shortly thereafter.

Please let me know if your child can participate ASAP, as we will be drawing the names soon.

NOTE: If your child is an Elite swimmer, you may wish to discuss whether they wish to participate, as we understand that the Elite swimmers have proactively initiated their own Gift Exchange, already.

Thank you for your quick response.


Good day parents,

Below is the NORAC Christmas training schedule. Please try to attend all practices. If you have any questions, contact our coaches! Keep up the great work everyone.

  • Saturday December 23 Regular Schedule
  • December 25-26 JBSC CLOSED
  • Wed December 27 All groups 4-6pm
  • Thurs December 28 Elites 7-9am
  • Fri December 29 All groups 4-6pm
  • Sat December 30 – Monday January 1 OFF
  • Tues January 2nd Elite 7-9am + All groups 4-6pm
  • Wed January 3rd OFF
  • Thurs January 4th All groups 4-6pm
  • Fri January 5th All groups 4-6pm
  • Sat January 6th OFF
  • Monday January 8th Regular Schedule

December Swim Meets

Good day Parents,

In December, you have the option to stay in the province and attend a racing function in Vaughan. The invitational swim meet, Roy Jacobson, has an attractive session program we partake in to achieve qualifying times for competitions in the Long Course season. NORAC will attend Saturday and Sunday and the meet fee is $35.00 dollars per day with an additional $11.00 dollars for Friday participation. As mentioned we are planning to swim Saturday and Sunday with distance events remaining optional on the Friday. There are NO standards for Roy Jacobson and all athletes are encouraged to participate.

If you choose to attend a competition outside our local pools, the Grand Prix in Gatineau is an excellent alternative. This event is growing with popularity because we are combining a serious racing atmosphere with Team Building moments like dining together.

ROY JACOBSON Groups attending Youth, Youth Plus, JR/SR Development and Elite:

Please confirm as soon as you can if you can attend the Roy Jacobson swim meet on December 1-3 2017! Refer to the meet package here for location details. The meet fee of $ 35.00 dollars a day and additional $11.00 dollars for distance participation is due November 27th.

Gatineau Grand Prix – Qualifiers and Attending athletes:

Refer to the meet package here for location details. The meet fee for attending the Grand Prix is $60.00 dollars per athlete. The relay rosters are attached and all athletes entered in the relay events have the responsibility to remain during the swim meet session for participation.

Qualifiers List:
Hilary/Hanna Johnson
Melinda Forbes
Nick Moyer
Zoe Lebel
Mya Gillberry
Beatrice Goupil
Carly Gomes
Lindsey Partington
Tynne Zeijdel
Rebecca/Megan Jones
Aidan/Carling/Madeline/Miranda Stever
Abigail Teno
Mackenzie Ross
Jack Stratford

Attending Athletes List:
Jack Stratford
Megan Jones
Mackenzie Ross
Tynne Zeijdel
Abigail Teno
Aidan Stever
Carly Gomes
Rebecca Jones
Carling Stever
Miranda Stever
Madeline Stever

Best Regards,

NORAC Head Coach


10 Thousand Villages Fundraising Event – Nov 26 1-3pm

Hello Norac Families!

My name is Cathryn Everist, and I am Director of Fundraising.
I would like to share with you a truly amazing shopping experience!
Please join me Nov. 26, between 1-3 (just prior to the Holiday Festivities)
at 16 King St. W., Cobourg. Ten Thousand Villages!
You will find unique, handmade gifts from around the world, gifts with
meaning and made with love. How perfect for this wonderful time of year!
Derrick Cunningham, the store manager extraordinaire, will be graciously
giving NORAC 10% of our sales for that day. Awesome!
So come on everyone! Put down your electronic devices and support your local
economy, community and this amazing swim club!

See you there, with bells on!