Masters Swimming

The NORAC Masters swim program embraces all athletic abilities with a general fitness focus. Each member will be instructed to adjust their stroke technique towards healthy body movement. Past athletic injuries will be considered and a plan to rehabilitate will be provided. Competitive goals are welcome and will be monitored weekly. The swimmers experience a supportive group environment with humor and fun part of the atmosphere. Start your day the right way feeling accomplished with an endurance workout. Be a swim parent who knows how to swim with confidence.

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Masters Schedule 2019-2020

Masters / Adult Fitness6-7 am6-7 am

Session Schedule 2019 - 2020

FALL - Session 1WINTER - Session 2SPRING - Session 3
Mon. Sept 9- Fri. Nov. 29, 2019
(no classes Thanksgiving Monday Oct 14/19)
Mon, Dec 2/19-Fri. March 6/20
(no classes Christmas Break Dec 23/19 - Jan 3/20 or Family Day Monday Feb 17/20)
Mon. March 9 - Fri. June 5/20
(no classes
March Break March 16-20
Good Friday April 10/20 or
Victoria Day Monday May 18/20)


$280 (two 1-hour lessons/wk),      $170 (one 1-hour lesson/wk),       +   Swim Ontario Master’s registration
(All NORAC Masters members must be registered with Swim Ontario at an annual rate of $15 for non-competitive or $45 for Competitive. This will be added to the fees for the initial program session each season.)

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