Just a little less than 4 weeks to our 2nd home swim meet of the season. I’m looking forward to seeing all our swimmers racing in our home pool again, particularly the Novice swimmers who haven’t participated in a competition since our last home meet. Go NORAC Go!

As this is a home competition and the expectation is that all swimmers will participate, all our swimmers have been pre-entered into the meet. If your swimmer will NOT be attending or only able to attend one of the days, please let me know by responding before Tuesday February 6 to this email: aotter@cogeco.ca . This will then allow the coaches time to organize the relay teams.

The fee for participating in the home meet is a flat rate of $20. This is to be paid to Annette via cheque, etransfer or cash is acceptable as long as you attach a note saying who it’s from. (or deducted from you Swim Meet account if you have a credit balance.) If your not at the pool on Tuesdays or Thursdays when I’m there, you can leave it in my folder in the NORAC box on the end of the reception counter.

Call for Officials and food donations will be sent out soon, keep an eye on your inbox!

See you at the pool,

Annette aotter@cogeco.ca