Dear NORAC Swim Parents,
First, thank you to all of you who have already registered, and started to raise funds – a huge shout out to Emmett and the Thomas’ who have collectively raised $1,780 so far!  12 families have registered so far and we have collectively raised $2605 (26% of the way there!).
Second, we need to get everyone registered, and hit our target of $10k.  At our Board meeting last night, we learned that if we don’t meet / exceed our $10k goal, we will need to make up the shortfall in our budget by asking for additional fees from parents prior to end of the season – Swim A thon is our single largest fundraiser, and it is critical to ensure we keep fees as low as possible.  So, we want to sweeten the pot to ensure we get maximum involvement and FUN!
Participation Points:
  1. Registering for Swim-A-Thon – you will receive 25 participation points!
  2. For every $100 raised (up to $300) you will receive 25 participation points, i.e. max of 75 participation points
Fun for the Kids:
  1. The first group (e.g. Novice / Youth / Youth+ / Jr. Dev / Sr. Dev / Elite) to have all children registered will win an ice cream party!
  2. Every week, we will enter the swimmer’s name into a hat for every $50 raised.  The prize will be $5 DQ or Starbucks gift card.  (Note:  for families that have a single profile, funds will be divided equally, e.g. 2 children in a family who raised $100 will each get their name put in 1x)
  3. The top 2 fundraisers will each receive $20 gift cards
Thank you for all the hard work to help keep our costs low,