We will be looking for swim school coaches for next season.

Please ask your swimmer if they are interested and please reply to this email, letting me know when they will be available and which groups they are interested in coaching. I realize that schedules for school and other activities are not yet available, however if you can let me know if they are looking for 1 hour, 2 hours or more per week, it will help me to plan.

We have intro lane, double lane, advanced lane and competitive spots available. Coaches should start volunteering and shadowing a more experienced coach, before taking on a group themselves.

It would be best if coaches could take their bronze cross and bronze medallion courses this summer. There are a couple of options available. Check at the front desk or in the leisure guide or online http://www.porthope.ca/aquatics

Once I have a good idea of who is interested in which areas, I will organize a training session (later in the summer) which will include expectations, on deck training, and snacks 😊