Hello Norac Families,

Celebrity Serve Night at Boston Pizza is this coming Wednesday, May 9th from 5-8pm

Reservations are strongly recommended. Please call ahead to make your reservations at 905-372-4222, and be sure to let Boston Pizza know that you’re coming for the NORAC Celebrity Serve night. This will help Boston Pizza get a feel for their staffing needs, and it will help highlight the NORAC fundraising effort.

  • NORAC will receive 10% of all restaurants sales if we can achieve a minimum of forty (40) guests served, during our Celebrity Serve Night.
  • Guests need to write “NORAC” on their receipts and submit them in the box at the host stand (THIS IS IMPORTANT TO REMEMBER).
  • NORAC will also continue to receive 10% of sales each and every time we visit Boston Pizza (Cobourg location only) throughout the following year, whenever a “NORAC” tagged receipt is deposited in the box at the host stand.

Let your friends and family know about Celebrity Serve Night AND the year-long fundraiser, so we can keep the restaurant full and continue to raise money for our Club. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you, Danielle, daniellelebel73@hotmail.com